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Crack Stitching

Building crack repair experts offering effective concrete to brick crack stitching in UK

Crack stitching bars are heavy duty helical bars (8kN+)and are ideal for the masonry repair of wall cracks where shear strength is an issue. This 6mm diameter wall crack stitching reinforcement offers extra performance to other helical bar type products by significantly increasing he shear, tensile and flexural strength of cracked masonry walls.

The hi-fin design on our Crack Stitching also make the Thor Helical Remedial Crack Stitching products ideal for grouting into mortar beds to retrospectively reinforce distressed masonry and to control cracking by distributing forces back into the structure. The various Thor Helical remedial sections are directly proportionate to one another, providing opportunity for cross correlation of performance characteristics to be used in specification design.

Please contact Stone Facilities Management & Special Projects for further information on Crack Stitching.

Crack stitching building maintenance for concrete repairs