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St Michael & All Angels Church

St Michaels and All Angels Church lightning protection design and installation


This popular community church in Witton Gilbert dates back to the 1100's and still has some of its original Norman features on its south wall.

In the last few years, the church has undergone a significant restoration programme to retain its heritage and protect it for future generations.

Sadly, during the renovation of the church roof, the lightning protection conductors were stolen. As a result, our Lightning Protection division was called in to carry out a thorough inspection of the roof following the theft which resulted in the discovery of an ineffective and potentially dangerous existing system.

The air terminal in the roof was also to be replaced and updated as part of the existing roof work.


The Stone Technical Services team designed a bespoke air terminal system to be installed out of sight under the church roof tiles so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the historic building and also to prevent theft moving forward.

In addition to the required air terminal system, extra strike points were installed to the back gable of the church and chimneys in a bid to enhance the system's operation, thereby making it more effective.

Throughout the duration of this project, we worked in conjunction with the roofing contractor in order to minimise time spent on the overall project. Once installed, stringent testing was carried out on both the air terminal and lightning protection systems and compliance certificates were awarded.


As with any project carried out on an historic site, there were aspects of the St Michael & All Angels Church contract that required careful consideration including:

  • Co-ordination of the project with that of the roofing contractor so as not to expose the church to the elements for longer than necessary
  • The design of a system that didn't detract from the heritage of the church – the required air terminal needed to be installed out of sight due to recent theft
  • The building's use – we had to ensure that parishioners weren't disrupted during the works.

Thanks to the vast experience of our team and their ability to work closely with other contactors, the installation was both efficient and effective and was completed on time and within budget to the complete satisfaction of the PCC and the Architect.

"Repair and alteration works to historic listed churches are always challenging and demanding projects. The lightning protection installation work carried out by Stone Technical Services at St. Michael & All Angels, Witton Gilbert is testament to their high level of professionalism and workmanship.

I was pleased with how their staff both on and off site dealt with the fragmented nature of the work, happy to fit in with and work alongside the principal roofing contractor.

Not much of the installation is now visible with minimal intervention to the fabric thus maintaining the church's historic character and significance. This not only demonstrates the benefits of early dialogue between architect and contractor but also produces a first class job."

Michael Atkinson
Consulting Architect

St Michaels and All Angels Church Lightning protection design