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Lightning protection risk assessment London, UK

Stone Technical offer lightning protection risk assessment for safety across London and UK. All of our lightning protection systems comply with BSEN 62305

Stone Technical ensures Lightning Protection Risk Assessments and method statements are produced to comply with the latest C.D.M requirements and full COSHH data is provided.

Lightning protection risk assessments are a key element in ensuring the right level of protection is provided against the risk of a potential lightning strike. Failure to carry out a risk assessment may invalidate your insurance.

To determine whether you require lightning protection, or to decide on the level required, it is recommended that a risk assessment in line with BSEN 62305 is carried out.

Our BSI-accredited risk analysis software efficiently determines if your building needs a lightning protection system. This software requires client input to determine site specific requirements and collation of information.

Lightning can strike anywhere and there are buildings and structures which may be at a greater risk, such as tall and high-rise buildings and structures, historic buildings, oil refineries, explosives factories and chemical plants.

All our site engineers are registered C.I.T.B certified.

If you require any further details regarding our Lightning Protection Risk Assessments then please feel free to contact us.


Lightning protection risk assessment certificates

Third party accreditation part 1-4 ATLAS governing body.

Lightning protection risk assessment third party certificate