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Lightning protection installation and maintenance on high rise building

Who needs Lightning Protection?

Lightning protection service offering lightning protection for high rise buildings throughout the UK

Lightning can strike anywhere but there are buildings and structures which are at a greater risk. These include: -

  • Tall and high-rise buildings and structures
  • Historic buildings, such as churches and abbeys
  • Oil refineries
  • Explosives factories
  • Chemical plants

To determine whether you require lightning protection, or to decide on the level required, you must carry out a risk assessment in line with BSEN 62305, which is a new four part standard introduced in September 2008 making rules governing lightning protection installation much more stringent.

At Stone Technical Services we use in-house risk analysis software to quickly and easily determine if your building needs a lightning protection system.

Failure to comply with BSEN 62305

If your company fails to comply with the new rules and doesn't carry out the risk assessment process, you could see insurance policies invalidated should something go wrong. Lightning protection is necessary not just to protect buildings but the people inside as well.