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How to choose a Stone Safety System

Safety system specialists supplying fall arrest equipment systems and rope access surveys UK

Of course, every structure has different safety requirements. You may simply need a single cable system to run across a roof, or a temporary system for use during construction. Or perhaps you require a more specialist system for a longer-term project or complex environment such as an oil rig or manufacturing plant.

The exact equipment you will need depends on various factors, such as the strength of the structure, supports, components and cables - and how they all work together, as well as the proposed number of users.

To help you select the right system, we've developed a comprehensive eight-stage process.

  1. Risk assessment.
    First we the potential risk of a fall on your site, using a hazard checklist, and rating the risk areas on a scale from 1 (high risk) to 4 (low risk).
  2. Site survey.
    As part of the process, we send one of our experienced engineers to analyse the risks and conduct a detailed survey.
  3. Computer simulation.
    We use Windows-based modeling software to calculate loadings and pinpoint the exact system you need.
  4. System selection.
    We then recommend a system that not only addresses the potential risk, but also takes into account the aesthetics of your site and your budget.
  5. Tailored design service.
    For innovative or unusual applications, we can design tailor-made systems to meet precise requirements.
  6. Installation.
    Once the system is ready, we can either provide in-house specialist engineers to plan and co-ordinate the installation.
  7. Training.
    We can then provide training to ensure everyone knows how to use the system properly.
  8. Service.
    Finally, we offer ongoing support - and can carry out any tests, re-certification and further work on your system if required, as well as annual inspections.