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Ladsaf is a leading cable-based fall arrest system for use on ladders or other vertical structures. Designed for applications as diverse as towers, water tanks, chimneys and antenna structures, it enables workers to climb freely, with the peace of mind that theyƕre fully protected in the event of a fall.

Ladsaf consists of a tensioned, high strength steel cable, which runs the length of the climbing area to which the user is attached via a safety chuck. As they pass by, the cable automatically releases from intermediate brackets, then springs back into place. This enables, workers to climb up and down, without having to detach themselves from the system.

Depending on the design, Ladsaf can accommodate up to four users at any one time.

Highly secure Ladsaf is extremely secure. Attached by a top bracket and anchored at the base, the galvanized or stainless steel cable runs down the ladder through a series of intermediate brackets that hold it firmly in position, particularly in harsh climates or extreme conditions. The user is permanently attached, providing continuous protection when climbing or descending, and leaving both hands free to undertake the work required.

  • Fall protection with full climbing freedom
  • Uninterrupted movement climbing and descending
  • Hands-free, smooth operation
  • Simple installation
  • Built-in shock absorber