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The basic design of MultiPost is the same: MultiPost is available in different variants that are customised as per the respective purpose of application:

Pre-fabricated for different fastening bases like concrete, steel or wooden beams

  • MulitPost can be used for different horizontal fall protection systems
  • Anchorage point for securing 2 users simultaneously

Base structure free of deformations

Easy to use

  • all over solution for different types of fixing surfacesconcrete, steel girders, wooden beams

Enhanced safety

  • Rotating anchorage eye
  • Also acts as a stress indicator


  • Can be used as a support or anchorage point
  • For a variety of horizontal anchorage devices
  • For simultaneous use


  • The posts do not deform
  • Corrosion-resistant thanks to full galvanisation

Innovative insulation

  • The post can be sealed permanently using thermal insulation that is availableoptionally. Undesired thermal bridges in the structure are thus avoided.
  • The insulation is difficult to lose accidentally as it cannot be removed while using.