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Horizontal anchorage device

Söll-MultiRail is a fixed horizontal anchorage device, which functions/works on a rail basis, designed and tested to DIN EN 795 - Class D. This Rail offers the highest level of Fall Protection to people working in fall risk areas.

  • Compared to anchorage points which only offer the user a limited freedom of activity depending on the length of the lanyard, MultiRail rail systems can be installed along the entire unprotected work area and offers higher safety
  • Compared to cable systems and anchorage points, horizontal guided rail offers the advantage that they can be also installed as handrails
  • In case of a fall, the falling forces are absorbed by several intermediate brackets and not just by both of the end-fixing devices, as it is the case with cable systems, or by a single point, as it is the case with anchorage points.
  • Also, compared with traditional horizontal guided rail, MultiRail offers the advantage of greater fixing distances (up to 6 m) and can be used by more people at the same time (up to 6).
  • MultiRail guided rails do not have to be serviced yearly as it must be done with cable systems - this reduces the current expenses and mitigates the higher acquisition costs.
  • The gliders slide smoothly on the rail following the user
  • Available with/in 3 different gliders
  • To be assembled at foot level on a wall or overhead
  • Only few components are necessary
  • The closed profile makes the product more resistant against the accumulation of dirt