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QMB are a type of safety system supplied by Stone Technical across UK

QBM have over 2 generations of experience supplying & installing fasteners, and know how they perform!

Exhaustive tests have proven that the stitching screws can be prone to stripping from thin outer sheets, some may never get close to their designed 'pull out' performance. Intermediate brackets feature additional attachment points to allow operatives to pass on the system. The Slyder personal attachment device, allows access & egress anywhere on the line. Glides smoothly around the system and across all other components. Adjustable Corner unit and tube, from 45° to 179° 'Green Roof' post - available in different heights to ensure line is clear of various growing, mediums and not a trip hazard. Standing seam 'clamp' is easier & quicker to install. Post sits lower on the sheet, reducing pull off load on to the outer sheet.

Fastener performance is governed by:

  • Drill point geometry vs. thread diameter
  • Which substrate they are installed into
  • How they are installed

The new SOTER Posts have only 4 structural rivets penetrating the outer sheet. Less drilling means greater air tightness!

QBM Soter Safety Line System
Download the QBM Soter Safety Line System PDF
QBM Soter Safety LineSafety Systems