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Railok is considered to be the industry's leading vertical fall protection system. With rail sections fixed directly to a ladder, it can be used on a wide variety of applications, including towers, chimneys, silos, pylons, masts, offshore platforms and buildings Ð and offers workers the flexibility to work and rest at any point in complete safety.

The system consists of permanently fixed aluminium rail, and a trolley, which travels up and down it, with the worker attached via a lanyard and full body harness. As well as complete freedom of movement. Railok operates hands free and provides maximum protection in the event of a fall.

Railok consists of several rail sections, each just over three metres in length. A single user can operate on each three-metre length of rail at any one time.

Exceeding safety requirements
To comply with legislation, all fixed ladders over two metres must now be fitted with a fall protection system. To meet CEN requirements, this needs to include a shock absorber, which reduces the risk of injury from a fall, and ensures the force exerted on the body is less than 6kN. The Railok trolley incorporates an energy-dissipating unit, which absorbs the adverse physical effects of al fall, and exceeds the necessary safety requirements.

Intelligent design
The Railok trolley moves freely when you need it to, but locks quickly in the event of a fall. As the worker climbs and descends, the outer arms of the trolley incline upwards at a 10 degree angle. If the arms fall below this angle and reach the horizontal (as in a fall situation) the brake pads immediately come into contact with the front face of the rail, and lock the trolley.

Flexible and easy to install
Railok is very simple to install. The rail sections are held together by secure joint plates which fit into the 'top hat' section of the rail ends. The system can be attached either to the rungs or stringers of the ladder, using 'U' or 'stringer' clips. And the fixed rail can sit up to 0.5m above ground level, and up to 0.75m above the top of the ladder.

  • Freedom of movement
  • Hands-free operation
  • Fall protection with full climbing freedom
  • Maintenance free and easy to erect
  • Provides protection while installing
  • All components are fully certified to BSEN 353/1