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Origionally designed for electricity pylons, Sayfclimb is essentially a 'semi-pemanent' system intended for infrequent use.

When needed, a spool fed cable system is fed through permanently fixed brackets, creating a system that can be used for a few days or months at atime. Once work is complete, the system can be taken off site for use on other pre-prepared structures.

Cost effective & flexible
Sayfclimb provides substantial cost savings over permanent fixd systems, especially on larger projects. It can be used on pylons, towers, chimneys, and stacks or other structures that require infrequent maintenance or inspection.

Easy installation and maintenance
As well as saving on material costs, Sayfclimb is very simple to installand requires no annual inspection - providing the first solution to bridge the gap effectively between permanent and temporary systems.

  • A semi-permanent system.
  • Uses Ladsaf technology.
  • A cost effective alternative to permanent systems.
  • Easy to install and re-install.
  • No annual inspection.