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Sala Sayfglida is the world's most advanced horizontal lifeline system. Designed to allow workers to maintain or inspect a structure freely and safely, it's incredibly versatile and can be used on a wide range of projects including architectural, industrial and commercial buildings.

Sala is the only company to supply both an 8mm and 12mm horizontal lifeline system. The 8mm Sayfglida is suitable for most applications and can safely support four workers simultaneously; the 12mm system is appropriate for up to ten users.

Sayfglida provides the ultimate in safety protection. Workers are permanently attached by a harness and lanyard so they're safe whenever they are on the structure. And they can travel easily around corners, inclines and obstructions, so movement is comfortable, flexible and uninterrupted.

Extremely versatile
Sayfglida is adaptable enough to suit most requirements. Installation is quick and it can be mounted directly onto masonry or steelwork, or supported by a range of posts to suit different roof configurations. The system is low profile, running just 230mm above the roof sheets. If mounted on a roof ridge, workers are free to move around either side of the cable. Systems can be positioned at any point between 100mm and 14m above walking level although some specialist applications can be mounted higher depending on the design.

Bespoke design and completely unobtrusive
To ensure Sayfglida meets the precise requirements of your project, we use a custom software package to calculate the correct installation, load requirements and overall design of the system. As with all our systems. Sayfglida attaches unobtrusively, to avoid damage to your roof or structure, avoiding penetration wherever possible. The adjustable roof clamp brackets fit most roof types, including standing seam and composite. The system is also virtually invisible, leaving the design lines of the building or structure unspoilt.

Minimum shock
Maximum safety The Sayfglida cable is supported by a series of intermediate brackets with-in-built shock absorbing qualities to minimise the loads on both the user and support structure to limit the impact of a fall. Again, we use a computer program to calculate the exact spacing of the support brackets, but these are typically at 4.5m to 15m. End tensioner units keep the lifeline at a constant working tension and can be combined with Forceeater or Zorbit shock absorber units, to further dissipate energy and shock loads.

Smooth, uninterrupted movement
A key feature of Sayfglida is the freedom it gives workers to move around Ð specially designed corner units allow them to negotiate any changes in profile on the building or structure easily and without interruption. The unique Sayflink travels smoothly along the cable, passing over intermediate support brackets without needing to detach from the system.

  • The most advanced horizontal lifeline system.
  • Competitively priced compared to structural guard rails.
  • Uninterupted movement.
  • Has-free operation.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • 8mm and 12mm systems available.
  • CE approved and EN795 compliant.
  • Requires a simple annual inspection.