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Tailor made safety systems and safety solutions

Tailor made safety systems include fall arrest equipment and rope access surveys UK

A specialist engineer is available to assess the risks on your site, and recommend a solution to fit your precise requirements.

Maximum peace of mind.
Not only do our products conform to all the necessary European and International safety standards, they by far exceed them. Approved to ISO9001.

Systems to suit all structures... and requirements
Flexibility is crucial when specifying a system. Sala supplies fall protection systems to suit all applications and requirements. Extremely versatile, they can be attached to both new and existing structures - and a range of innovative bracket options and components means they can incorporate corners, inclines, and both horizontal and vertical sections. If required, we can also use Windows-based modeling software to develop systems for special applications, unusual structures or extreme conditions.

Maximum choice.
We supply the widest range of height safety products on the market - from harnesses and lanyards to the most advanced safety systems, designed to suit your specific needs and budget.

Protection for your workers, and your building
It's vital your system does not cause damage to the structure or building it's attached to. For this reason, we install systems to be discreet and completely unobtrusive. A wide range of adjustable brackets means they can be attached to most types of roofs without penetrating the structure, protecting warranties offered by roofing manufacturers.