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Vacuum Safety Anchor

When you're working at height on aircraft, fall protection can be difficult. The Vacuum Safety Anchor provides a fast, effective solution. An innovative fall arrest system, it allows aircraft mechanics to work in complete safety on the wings, fuselage and tail sections - without causing any damage or penetration to the aircraft skin.

Unlike traditional solutions, there's no need for an overhead attachment or man lift. The vacuum pad simply grips to the smooth surface of the fuselage, providing an anchorage point, to which up to two workers can be connected via shock absorbing lanyards and harnesses.

Flexible applications
This failsafe design is totally portable, for use in the hangar, maintenance sheds or on site, without the need to park the aircraft. It comes in two versions - an electrical system which uses a 110v or 240v supply, or a mobile unit, powered by compressed air. Although originally designed for the aircraft maintenance industry, the system has numerous applications in general industry, utilities and construction.

  • 100% portable
  • Approved by Boeing for use on their aircraft
  • Maintenance not restricted to hangers
  • Minimal servicing required
  • Multiple outlets to more users
  • CE approved and meets OSHA standards