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Compromise Nothing!

When safety and productivity are on the line, there is no room for compromise,
which is why architects and engineers have trusted Söll for more than
three decades. Söll, part of the Bacou-Dalloz group, is the leading European
manufacturer of fixed fall protection systems.

Safety First

The Construction, Design and Maintenance regulations 1994 state that it is
the responsibility of the designer, with regard to Health and Safety, to consider
the avoidance or reduction of any foreseeable risk to any person carrying out
work on a building.

Horizontal Lifeline System

Whether it is for cleaning and maintenance work, inspection of an installation, or simply for accessing a worksite
securely, the Xenon horizontal lifeline system is the ideal solution for protecting workers during operations at height.

Discreet Profile

The state of the art design of the Xenon horizontal lifeline, with its high-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel components, provides a discreet yet highly effective system
that blends in with any structure.

Functional Design

Developed to allow an increased freedom of movement at any angle, it is adapted to any type of work at height where a fixed horizontal safety system is required, be it in a straight line or on installations around corners and bends.

Dual Protection

The Xenon horizontal lifeline has a dual purpose in fall protection:

  • It restrains the worker from reaching the point where a potential fall hazard exists or,
  • It provides fall arrest protection in the event of a fall.

Global solution

Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control, the Xenon horizontal lifeline is the first system designed to conform to all standards worldwide (CE, OSHA, AS/NZS, CSA)

At a Glance

  • Discreet thanks to compact stainless steel components
  • A versatile fixed horizontal lifeline certified for simultaneous use by up to 7 people
  • Users can work on either side of the cable
  • Minimum maintenance with components made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • The system requires fewer parts by allowing fixing intervals of up to 20m (depending on the cable width used)
  • Easy to install to a variety of structures: on a wall, overhead or on the ground
  • A range of fixing posts and brackets suitable for different roof types
  • Peace of mind with the calculation software to assist the planning stage
  • Less quoting and installation time for reduced costs.


Because of its versatility, simplicity and minimal maintenance, the Xenon Horizontal Lifeline
is the perfect tool for engineers, contractors and architects to provide secure access on new
buildings, industrial sites, bridges, warehouses, heritage buildings…

Design and Installation Phase

The integrity of any system is reliant on several factors such as the nature and strength of
the structure, the type of components and fixings used, as well as the number of people working on the system. Söll has a network of certified installers who will guide you through the following important design and installation process:

Site Survey

Analysis of the risks in relation to the position of the lifeline and the application, identification of the structural materials, and assessment of the requirements on the lifeline in terms of number of users and frequency of use.

Calculation Program

The Xenon Software calculates the compatibility between a system and a fixed structure, based on the data gathered during the survey phase. For greater peace of mind, the program validates all resistance and forces and so minimates the risks of human error during the design phase.


The quotation module in the software provides the installer or architect with a complete list of components required for an installation, including the accessories. It also gives an estimation of the time required to install the system and the price to the customer.


Once the system has been finalised, our fully trained installers will guarantee the correct installation onto the structure.


The Xenon installers are also at hand to carry out the annual inspection of the lifeline system as well as any verification and repair work required after a fall.

Exclusive Söll Features


The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline Shuttle presents a revolutionary design with many innovative

  • Improved Safety with a double locking mechanism The user can connect and
  • disconnect easily with one hand anywhere along the cable.
  • Increased Ease of Use Ergonomically designed, the oversized handle allows
  • the use of any type of connector.
  • The shuttle can be used with a shock-absorbing lanyard and has been certified for use with
  • Bacou-Dalloz retractable fall arresters.
  • Resistance to the environment Made of stainless steel, with few moveable parts, the shuttle is ideal for sandy, gritty or salty environments.


The Xenon Intermediate Bracket is engineered for the shuttle to glide smoothly and easily over the connection.

  • Increased user protection and manoeuvrability The intermediate brackets can be assembled as either a mobile passing point (for overhead) or a fixed passing point (for wall or ground applications) and can also incorporate a spring so that the cable support springs back to the upright when used on the ground.
  • Total safety through simpler maintenance In the event of a fall the intermediate bracket is designed to conserve all of its properties even when subject to considerable forces. This feature allows the subsequent full inspection and repair of the horizontal lifeline in complete safety whilst attached to the lifeline. The bracket can be replaced without cutting the cable.


The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline features a revolutionary “four-in-one“ shock absorber, which acts as a shock absorber, pre-tension control, tension indicator and fall indicator.
Increased safety The main purpose of the shock absorber is to reduce the load impact generated by a fall and so protect the user as well as the supporting structure.
The integrated load indicator provides a visual indication of the state of the lifeline thus
alerting the user to any load impact on the system.

  • Easier installation and maintenance A single element allows you to both verify and adjust the tension easily.
  • Greater Versatility With a full range of energy absorbers the Xenon Lifeline fully meets all application and environmental requirements.

System Components

Energy Absorbers

Söll now offers a full range of energy absorbers for the Xenon horizontal lifeline. These have been designed to optimise every installation and to protect the structure from fall impacts. They are all fitted with an adjustment and pre-tension control feature
as well as a fall indicator. In addition to the standard energy absorber, replacement and additional energy absorbers for both 8 and 10 mm cable systems are now available:

Shielded Shock Absorber

Equipped with an aluminium / stainless steel shell for optimum resistance to harsh environments (protection against sparks, metal filings, dust etc.).

Extended Energy Absorber

Designed for short lifeline systems where the lifeline is subject to severe stress.

Variable Pre-Tension Absorber

Designed for fall restraint or for situations where minimum sag is required in the lifeline. The tension can be adjusted between 0,6 and 2 kN.

Additional Energy Absorber

Designed to reduce the tension on a system, in particular where the intervals fixings are spread out. The calculation software will specify the inclusion of an additional absorber to the system.

Cable End Parts

Available in stainless steel, for 8 and 10mm systems, the cable end parts are swaged onto the cable and connect to the anchorage plate.

Standard End Swage

Easy to install, compatible with the Xenon anchor points.

Swaged Tensioner

The interconnection piece between the cable and the anchorage plate with cable adjustment feature.


Safer, with its double locking mechanism, the shuttle is ergonomically designed. The oversized handle allows the use of any type of connector in conjunction with a shock-absorbing lanyard.
Made of stainless steel the shuttle is ideal for harsh environments

Corner Kits

  • Standard
    Highly adaptable and easy to install both on the inside and outside of a curve. The corner part is available in 90° or as kit for bending to multiple angles. Two attachment bolts are required for easy installation.
  • 90° Single Anchorage
    Highly robust and easy to install. This pre-assembled kit is specially designed for use in conjunction with roof posts where only one anchorage point is available.


Greater versatility and flexibility for reduced costs.

  • 8mm cable - distance between the intermediate brackets can be up to 15m. Certified for simultaneous use by up to 4 people.
  • 10mm cable - intermediate brackets can be spaced at 20m intervals. Certified for simultaneous use by up to 7 people.

End Anchor Points

  • End Anchorage Rings
    Single attachment end anchorage rings for use with Xenon standard and pyramid roof posts.
  • End Brackets
    Stainless steel plates anchor the system without compromising cable strength and integrity.

Universal Brackets


The Xenon intermediates provide easy passage of the shuttle through hangers without the user disconnecting. Thanks to the different assembly options, the universal intermediate bracket can be mobile or fixed and may also incorporate a spring for ridge applications.
Can be replaced without cutting the cable.

The XENON Horizontal Lifeline for Industrial Roofing


Söll offers a complete range of standard and pyramid posts for easier and faster installation
of the Xenon Lifeline on industrial roofs.

Pyramid Anchorage Posts

The pyramid posts provide an anchorage point that leaves the building structure intact.
The corrosion-resistant, stainless steel posts are suitable for most composite roofs (steel pan,
standing joint or membrane)

  • Easy and quick to install, the pyramid posts are fixed directly onto to the metal roof panels.
  • Excellent stability and resistance - the large base is designed to maintain the integrity
  • of the structure in the event of a fall
  • Eliminates any weatherproofing and thermal bridging problems

Steel Pan

Fixed with 16 x 7.1mm aluminium rivets into the steel pan roof. The posts are supplied
with mastic tape for waterproofing.
Available in two sizes to suit the majority of roof types.

Standing Joint Pan

Direct clamping onto the standing joint eliminates weatherproofing problems.
Available in two sizes for maximum compatibility with different roof profiles.

Membrane Panel

Attached with just 4 x M8 toggle bolts.

Standard Anchorage Posts

For concrete or steel roofs or for direct attachment to a girder.
The standard roof posts enhance the work position by raising the fixing point of the lifeline by 500mm from ground level. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel posts can be bolted or clamped onto the structure. Available with optional weather flange.

Applications for the Xenon Lifeline

The Xenon Horizontal lifeline’s flexible design makes it the ideal safe access solution for a wide range of applications at height. Single components such as the universal intermediate bracket can be easily configured for use on a wall, overhead or on a ridge, whilst the robust stainless steel components withstand even the harshest environments. The range of shock absorbers can also adapt the system to a variety of uses:


The Xenon horizontal lifeline provides a robust mobile anchorage point above the user eg in a warehouse, factory, hangar…
Bacou-Dalloz offers a range of retractable lifelines which can be used in conjunction with the Xenon lifeline providing they are no heavier than 6 kg and a sufficient fall clearance is available.


The Xenon lifeline can be easily fitted to a wall using end brackets, intermediate brackets and a suitable shock absorber. Ideal for use on a ledge or roof, the system is typically used in conjunction with a fall arrest lanyard.

Harsh Environment

The stainless steel components used in conjunction with the new shielded energy absorber, make the Xenon Horizontal lifeline system the optimum fall protection solution for harsh environments.

Crane Maintenance

The Xenon Horizontal lifeline system provides the perfect fall protection system for crane maintenance guaranteeing safe access along the tracks to the electrical feed system. Very easy to install, the intermediate brackets can be fitted directly to the building columns.