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Concrete chimney inspections and repair nationwide

Concrete chiney repair specialist offering building and chimney inspections, repair and regular maintenance

Reinforced concrete structures require regular inspection, especially those exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions, to monitor inherent conditions associated with concrete.

Stone carries out concrete inspections for problems such as carbonisation, shrinkage, fissures and cracks, accelerated corrosion of reinforcement and possible delaminating of cover to rebar.

We also carry out internal inspections as concrete chimney stacks suffer equally internally, where conditions are acidic generated by gas filtration to the inner windshield and areas where gases condense on the relatively cool inner face.

Any maintenance or remedial works carried out by Stone ensures that the structure has the maximum safe lifecycle.

Areas covered include: -

  • Structural/surveys
  • Concrete repair
  • Fracture injection repair systems and refractory systems
  • Steel linings replaced or repaired
  • Gas seal repair and renewal

For further information regarding our services please contact Stone Steeplejack Services.

Concrete building repair and concrete building maintenance nationwide