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Federation Stone Great Britain / Altas

High Building inspections and maintenance across the UK

Stone Steeplejacks have inspected and maintained some of the UK's most prestigious tall buildings

Due to the awkwardness or height of buildings, a company may not be able to, or may not be authorised by insurance to, carry out high level inspections or maintenance.

Stone Technical Services provides a specialised steeplejack access for High Rise Building Inspections & Maintenance across London and the south.

Stone carries out a variety of services including: -

  • Carbonation
  • Core drilling
  • Reinforcement location tests on concrete
  • Masonry inspection checking for loose or spalling materials or misalignment, erosion or corrosion, weather damage and structural faults
  • Concrete repairs
  • Crack stitching
  • Helifix systems
  • Surveys
  • Cover metre graphic surveys

Full written reports with photos and details of any suggested maintenance will be submitted as required.

For further information regarding our services please contact Stone Steeplejack Services.

High Building inspections and maintenance London and across the UK