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Steeplejack Surveys throughout the nation

Steeplejack restoration company provide steeplejack surveys nationwide

Stone's specialist surveys help companies to manage costs. We examine the maintenance of the chimney's fabric and provide a recommended schedule of periodic remedial works.

Annual inspections are vital for steel, concrete or brick chimneys to safeguard structural stability and condition which can alter over time.

Thanks to our access capabilities and high-skilled steeplejacks, surveys are completed economically and efficiently with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Areas covered include: -

  • Laddered Visual Examination - full written report, digital photos and recommendations
  • Video Surveys
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic testing to ascertain corrosion levels
  • CCTV external & internal inspection with ground mounted monitoring facilities
  • Test Lightning Protection Systems to BS62305
  • Concrete testing systems reinforcing depth on concrete coverage
  • Carbonation Testing

For further information regarding our services please contact Stone Steeplejacks Services.

Steeplejack Surveys in London and throughout the Nation