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    Fall Restraint & Mansafe Safety Systems

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    With an extensive range of fall restraint solutions available for providing safe access to roofs, gantries and high-level walkways we are able to offer the very best advice available on any type of Mansafe, Fall Arrest or Edge Protection system whatever your requirement.

    With so many businesses, organisations and operations being held accountable for ever-changing and more stringent health and safety regulations, providing your operatives with safe modes of working has never been more important.

    We are constantly seeing more and more demand for the installation, inspection, certification and repairs of safety systems being utilised in a huge variety of sectors.

    We have delivered a portfolio of solutions varied in size. On the larger scale STS Group were commissioned to deliver the full replacement upgrade of more than three miles of safety lines for bridge maintenance staff at the Forth Road Bridge Queensferry Crossing including the removal and disposal of the old existing system, and also the full design and installation of a harness and safety line system for ground staff to safely access items such as floodlights and gantries at the Queens Park Rangers FC Loftus Road football ground.

    From a smaller project’s perspective, we are regularly contracted to carry out single line safety system inspections on commercial premises, where maintenance staff have a requirement to access roofs, to ensure installed systems are still safe and compliant for use and also supply and install high spec Soter safety lines for the same purpose. We even test and certify shopping centre eyebolts from which the Christmas decorations are displayed!