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    Stone Technical Services Group Ltd

    Industrial Steeplejack Services & Industrial Rope Technology

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    The industrial sector is a place we have called home for a number of decades, our vastly qualified and experienced steeplejacks and rope specialists have been scaling the chimneys and structures of hospitals, petrochemical plants, laundries, food manufacturing sites, schools and engineering and manufacturing sites all over the country for the last 40 years.

    Critical production and operations are absolutely dependent on the consistent working order and uptime of their boilers, chimneys and equipment, so through effective inspection, testing and ongoing maintenance and repair, we are able to help with that business critical and commercially essential goal.

    Whether working as part of a planned shutdown maintenance schedule or reactively responding to a critical failure, there is likely to be no set of circumstances we are yet to encounter. STS Group work with dozens of long-standing relationship clients who have enjoyed peace of mind knowing that the essential plant on their operational site has been regularly inspected and maintained to a fully certified and operational standard, in most cases by the same operatives with a deep and intimate knowledge of the estate, mitigating any lost productive time or commercial impact.



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    Industrial Steeplejack Services & Industrial Rope Technology

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    Ineos Nitriles Seal Sands Stone Technical Services Group Ltd were appointed by global petrochemical operator INEOS Nitriles to fully refurbish the boiler chimney at their Seal Sands site, part of the...