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    Consultancy & Technical Support

    We have all heard the old saying “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur!” There is little more important, if anything, than the protection of your business or organisation premises and the people within it, so taking the very best advice possible as early as possible is absolutely critical when it comes to considering lightning protection and surge protection. With decades of experience and knowledge in the field, our design and consultancy team are able to offer the very best advice at the earliest possible stage of your known or perceived requirement.

    So often we see installations which have been set up to fail as the system design and specifications were either not fit for purpose, an inadequate level of protection, unnecessarily comprehensive in their protection level, badly installed or a combination of all of these. Our approach to a “right-first-time” attitude gives the benefit and reassurance to you that any investment into protection against electrical activity is always with you the customer in mind.

    Whether straightforward lightning protection system design for any type of building, monument or structure, surge protection on business critical comms and data equipment and applications, or complex earth nest solutions on expansive or remote industrial and utility sites, having the best possible help, support and advice from the very beginning is likely to be the most beneficial step you will take and provide the most cost-effective and suitable end result possible.