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    Periodic System Testing

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    Periodic System Testing

    Stone Technical Services Group offers nationwide coverage for annual periodic system testing and inspection of existing lightning protection systems installed on all manner of properties.

    Our client portfolio is as wide and varied as is humanly possible. We inspect treasured national landmark properties of huge national importance such as St. Paul’s Cathedral. We provide national contracts for housing associations on residential tower blocks. We also carry out annual testing on commercial and industrial properties, and we even have individual residential domestic clients who are just looking for a little bit of peace of mind in an ever-changing meteorological climate giving rise to an increase in storm activity.

    Contrary to popular belief, Lightning Protection is not a “dark art” to be scared of. It is a purely scientific process for the protection of buildings and its occupants against electrical activity, and the only way to ensure that any lightning protection system which has been installed is fully functional and offering the maximum protection is to test it on a regular basis.

    Because we know that not all client needs are the same we offer ad-hoc annual testing or three and five years contract arrangements and always using the latest fully maintained and calibrated, certified equipment at all times and supplying detailed certification and recommendations through a unique and bespoke mobile tablet application, we are ideally placed to keep you compliant and assured and get the certification to you as fast as is possible.

    Whether one property or two hundred properties, we have existing testing regime supply agreements with every size of client.