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    Ecclesiastical Steeplejack Services

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    Ecclesiastical Steeplejack Services

    With over 30 years of experience in the Steeplejack industry, there are few who can boast more knowledge in this field than Stone Technical Services Group.

    We have been scaling church spires for decades and in an industry, with a dwindling population of operatives, we have never been in such high demand.

    With a team of fully qualified and accredited steeplejacks, we are yet to find the structure that is inaccessible and more importantly we are able to do it with the best cost efficiency possible meaning our customers are able to utilise their challenging budgets on the remedial work rather than the expensive access.

    Height will always bring its own natural challenges and so often we see vastly cost prohibitive full elevation scaffolding systems being erected where it is simply not required. With our specialist operatives who have both steeplejack laddering and also rope access skills and accreditations, we are constantly looking at how these projects can be delivered another way.

    Whether it is accessing a church spire or complex building for fabric inspection using traditional methods or for the purpose of carrying out Tower Repairs or Tower Spire Restoration we have it covered, as all of our specialist access technicians are also fully accredited and experienced in the repair work too.

    As an additional benefit to our customers, the use of traditional methods also means there is the minimum or no disruption to community and church life.