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    Historic Building Condition Surveys

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    Historic Building Condition Surveys

    Historic Building Condition Surveys are perfect for identifying all aspects of a building including structural integrity, cracks and splits, fissures, lamination, concrete condition, lead roofing and lightning protection.

    When thinking about the old saying of “The first step in fixing a problem is identifying that there is one!” it is never more relevant than in the field of identifying defects on our precious and historic architecture across the country.

    These beautiful, but unfortunately often neglected, old structures are left exposed to the worsening UK elements for decades at a time without attention and sadly there deteriorating condition is not highlighted at an early enough stage to take action before the effects are evident. We like to think of our Building Condition Surveys as a little bit like a check-up at the dentist, done early enough it can lead to a small filling instead of a catastrophic extraction!

    As leaders in the field of restoration and conservation, Stone Technical Services Group carries out Building Condition Surveys on some of the UK’s best-known landmarks including St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and The Royal Courts of Justice to name just a few.

    Given our specialist Steeplejack background, we pride ourselves on being able to cost-effectively access high or complex structures in practical ways that others may not.