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    Historic Building Cyclical Maintenance

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    Historic Building Cyclical Maintenance

    Here at Stone Technical Services Group we strongly believe that a small amount of investment in the ongoing building cyclical maintenance is a far more cost-effective expenditure that waiting for a catastrophic event to occur resulting in a significant amount of remedial expenditure.

    We have a rather surprising ethos, we want our customers to spend the least amount possible on the upkeep of their buildings and properties!

    There is a wide range of ways that you can take care of your building in an ongoing and planned way and we are ideally placed to help you with this and give you advice on how to achieve this.

    Our own in-house craftsmen and operatives carry out a vast array of conservation and maintenance works on building fabric and structures for this very reason and sometimes it is as simple as just ensuring there is an effective regime in place for the clearing of gutter systems and rainwater goods to prevent any long-term and high-cost damage occurring.