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    Having been trading so reputedly for so long in the wide variety of disciplines centred around the construction, facilities management and property maintenance industry, nothing gives us a greater sense of pride than the level of trust placed in us by our impressive list of customers.

    If there are two things we know, one is that WE absolutely need to be able to deliver on our promises and the expectations of our clients, and the other is that YOU absolutely need to have someone you can depend upon for the times that you need them when something has gone wrong or needs fixing.

    With decades of experience in dealing with all manner of remedial works, we find ourselves consistently high on the speed dial list of so many estates and property managers.

    Whether there is damage to some slates on a difficult to access roof, broken windows or loose impediments on a property, water ingress from an unidentified source or damage to a stone floor causing a trip hazard, our diversity has meant we have become something of an emergency service to our facilities management clients.