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    Remedial Repairs & Maintenance

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    Remedial Repairs & Maintenance

    As well as ongoing testing of your lightning protection system, ongoing Remedial Repairs & Maintenance of your system is just as important. Thankfully all of our annual test clients get continuous up to date reports on the condition and compliance of their system, as well as recommendations if applicable, as a standard part of their testing regime.

    When there are so many reasons a previously effective and compliant system may fall into a state of disrepair or non-compliance it is vital that you have someone with the knowledge, skills and experience to assist you.

    We find that systems which are in need of remedial repair or maintenance generally do so for one of three main reasons, firstly neglect, causing general wear and tear through adverse weather conditions. Secondly, criminality through vandalism or theft. Thirdly, unsuitable or incorrect system materials or design at the point of initial installation.